Enough of frequent washing!

 Your salvation is NonAqua Kids!

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Advantages of NonAqua Kids:

You are not worried when your child spills something on himself/herself

You wash much less often, because protection lasts up to 3 months! A 100 ml bottle of NonAqua Kids is enough to process 7 pairs of children's shoes or 0.5 square meters of fabric

NonAqua Kids is invisible, leaves no traces, does not change the color or grain of the material

Dear parents, NonAqua Kids is absolutely safe for children!

Its components are biodegradable, biocompatible and non-toxic. The product is safe for the environment! It does not cause allergic reactions. So, you do not have to worry about your family's health and the environment. In addition, the spray does not affect the air permeability of the treated surface, allowing the body to breathe with comfort.

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Have you encountered these problems? these problems?


All children love ice cream, but it melts instantly on their shirts

Your child is one of those who will run through each puddle (after all, of course, this is the best entertainment, huh!)



Salt and chemicals used on roads leave white spots on children's shoes

How it works?


Clean the surface.


Distribute evenly on the surface until completely wet.


Wait for 24 hours.


Enjoy the amazing effect!

Read the instruction manual

can be used on delicate surfaces, including the expensive designer items;


one treatment of footwear will last for at least 2-3 months; clothes – up to 10 washings;

Why Nonaqua Kids is better than regular sprays?


the repellent is safe for children, odourless and non-toxic.


it doesn’t affect the texture and appearance of a material, prevents swarming and spreading of moisture;

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How do I wash the processed clothes if they repel water and its solutions?
Soap solutions have high moisturizing capability, or, in scientific terms, low value of surface tension. Due to this property, even superhydrophobic surfaces are susceptible to water, and dirt can be effectively removed. It means that washing of a superhydrophobic item could be done in a usual way.
Is an item treated with NonAqua Kids still waterproof after washing?
Detergent solutions decrease waterproof qualities of an item treated with NonAqua Kids. After the machine wash and use of a laundry detergent the protection must be re-applied. If the treated item is regularly hand washed in warm or hot water, using soap instead of a laundry detergent, the protective coating can last much longer, up to ten washes.
How can I remove dense, sticky pollutants (silt, liquid fats, etc.) from surface under treatment?
Such pollutants as liquid fats, thick ketchup, wet clay or silt may stain the surface under treatment because of their viscosity. Remove them by simply washing the surface with clean running water or drying it with a paper tissue, depending on a type of pollutant.
How long does the superhydrophobic effect last after the NonAqua Kids treatment?
The period of effectiveness depends on the texture of a material, its porosity, endurance, flexibility, etc. Another factor is the quantity of applied repellent and intensity of usage. For example, suede boots, worn a few days per week and regularly cleaned of dust, may retain the superhydrophobic properties for more than 2 months. Even when the superhydrophobic effect wears off, the footwear will remain waterproof for another few months.
Can I apply the superhydrophobic NonAqua Kids repellent to linen or underwear?
Not recommended. The hygienic standards require linen and underwear to absorb and drain body perspiration. Superhydrophobic surfaces prevent absorption and draining of perspiration, which is harmful for the skin. Hydrophobic socks must be worn only on top of hydrophilic (i.e. not treated with a hydrophobic agent and absorbing). In this case, the first pair of socks absorbs the perspiration while the second pair protects from external moisture. A membrane ski jacket functions in a more or less similar way.
What materials can be waterproofed with NonAqua Kids?
NonAqua Kids gives superhydrophobic properties to almost any porous uneven surfaces, such as: hosiery, suede, felt, nubuck, wood, brick, concrete, carton. This proofer is perfect for such items as: footwear, outerwear, hats, umbrellas (no need to dry them), furniture upholstery, car interior, carpets, tablecloths, pets’ clothes, working clothes, travel gear, building materials, bags and covers for hardware, etc.
Can I apply the NonAqua Kids spray on human or animal hair to make them waterproof?
Not recommended. As human or animal hair is not structurally compatible with the repellent, it will not gain any significant waterproof properties.

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